Willis creek slot canyon ut

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willis creek slot canyon ut

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  • Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument - UTAH!
  • Willis Creek Slot Canyon - Willis Creek Narrows | Visit Utah
  • Willis Creek Slot Canyon Hiking Guide & Photos
  • Willis Creek: Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
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  • Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument - UTAH!

    However, creek walls quickly grow to tower feet above you and become less narrow. Colored with desert varnish, they stand to complement the sand and pebbles of the trail.

    Continue along the narrows, which will dissipate at around 1. Willis trail along the creek continues for 2. Canyon smooth and curvaceous rock walls of the narrows, which have been carved by slot of years of flash floods; the color and the texture of said walls; feeling small as the narrows tower feet above you; your desire to now become a slot canyon junkie.

    Willis Creek Slot Canyon - Willis Creek Narrows | Visit Utah

    Anyone who likes hugs, because slot canyons and narrows are like hugs from Mother Nature. Anyone who wants to experience slot canyons for the first time, or slot canyon veterans who want creek mellow afternoon adventure with a big pay off.

    Anyone who loves taking pictures of incredible rock formations. GPS Coordinates Most people will enjoy visiting the area from late-March through September.

    Willis Creek Slot Canyon Hiking Guide & Photos

    Unlike many of the exposed attractions in the surrounding area, Willis Creek is cool and a mostly-shaded hike, which makes it a favorite even during hot summer afternoons.

    The area is dog-friendly, as are a few of the nearby hotels in Kanab. Take Skutumpah Road. To find Willis Creek continue down Skutumpah Road There are two parking areas for Willis Creek.

    The trail starts on the opposite side of the road from the registration box. Willis Creek is a 4 mile round trip hike. It's an amazing slot canyon adventure with narrow cliff walls and a flat, stony stream-bed path to walk through.

    Willis Creek: Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

    Dlot slickrock forms the walls of this incredible slot canyon. Some small waterfalls add to the fun and enjoyment of the Willis Creek hike.

    Willis Creek can be combined with Bull Valley Gorge for a two day backpack. Caution: Flash floods are a danger with any hike through a slot canyon.

    willis creek slot canyon ut

    As with Lick Wash hike, check weather information prior to hiking. Exit on U Turn south on U and follow U to Glendale.

    Willis Creek, near Cannonville, Utah

    From Las Vegas: Travel I15 to exit Follow U-9 to the south entrance of Zion and through to the east entrance. Take U-9 for 12 miles to Mt.

    See More of Willis Creek Slot Canyon

    Carmel Jct, where U and U-9 meet. Drive north on U to Glendale. From Glendale, turn right on N. Remember the Grand Staircase is a wild and remote place.

    Utah is the state that has the largest concentration of slot canyons in the world. Willis Creek is a very accessible slot canyon that people of all ages can enjoy – there is no serious climbing or technical skill needed to hike through it. Willis creek is also easy to drive. Willis Creek is a beautiful slot canyon in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Trail description, photos and driving directions are provided. Dec 27,  · Easy access. Awesome slot canyon experience. Easy to hike (no ropes required). Dog friendly. Out-and-back hike. 4 miles roundtrip. Willis Creek Slot Canyon begins at the Willis Creek Trailhead, located in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The trail is /5(3).

    The dirt roads may be impassible when wet and there is usually no water, services or cell phone access. Skutumpah is a backway and should only be traveled in dry conditions. Call for road and weather information before travel: It's where city traffic is absent and the skies are bright and clean. Highway 89 defines the southern border and Highway 12 accesses the northern side.

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      Unlike many slot canyons that require tricky approaches, sleuthy navigation, and technical descents, Willis Creek Narrows is mellow and accessible. The hike is a 4. Much of the hike involves uncountable creek crossings or hiking directly in the creek, but the creek is generally only an inch or two deep.

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