Pbs frontline gods of gambling

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pbs frontline gods of gambling

Результаты, как правило, хорошие, что заметно с первых дней после процедуры. Для системного лечения наружного геморроя также применяются препараты, выпускаемые в виде кремов и гелей.

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  • The press release amounted to a declaration of war—a strange and upsetting circumstance for both sides, considering their impressive journalistic credentials and long history of friendship and collaboration.

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    Others said Fanning and Aronson-Rath, after months of hesitating, gambling on the project frohtline been explicitly cautioned by Bergman that a lawsuit from Adelson, Wynn, or both, was a near-certainty. Any prospective plaintiff, they argue, would likely subpoena Fanning and Aronson-Rath to testify against their former collaborators. Pbs that Frontline has a distinguished history of taking on powerful figures and corporations, and is a regular recipient of threatening letters from white-shoe law firms, he defended their forceful press release.

    Frontline working version of gods film script had suggested as much—an allegation that could have caused trouble for Wynn, who was seeking a license for a new casino from gambling authorities in Massachusetts, where Frontline is headquartered.

    Words From The Pros | Betting On The Market | FRONTLINE | PBS

    On September 21, nine days before the widely-promoted documentary was scheduled to air, Fanning and Aronson-Rath summoned Isaacs, Bergman, and London-based filmmaker Bill Cran, who had been toiling on the script, to an emergency meeting in Boston. I was there to make sure we got it right. There were no errors.

    And any suggestion to the contrary is plain wrong.

    Why Did ‘Frontline’ Kill Lowell Bergman’s Gambling Documentary?

    Gamhling dinner in Frotnline after the September 21 meeting, the dispirited Bergmanites predicted that their documentary would forntline again be delayed; their fears were quickly confirmed, and Frontline took control of the final edit. At one point during the conference call, godss to contemporaneous notes taken by Bergman associate Zachary Stauffer, David Fanning ruminated on the negative impact of a potential lawsuit from Steve Wynn on the future of Frontline and its overworked staff.

    The burden of producing 26 hours of television a year was already demanding enough, Fanning said. Does Bigger Than Vegas serve the public interest enough to make it worth all the trouble and risk?

    Fanning frontline. Ultimately, we made a decision not to publish based on a much wider set of concerns. The film overall simply relied too much gambling innuendo and assumptions to be journalistically defensible. Still, the two sides gods to tweak the film even as the facts on the ground were beginning to change; the authoritarian government on Mainland China was pbs to crack down on Triad-fueled fueled currency violations and money laundering in Macau.

    Tapes & Transcripts | Easy Money | FRONTLINE | PBS

    Various gambling junket operations shut down; arrests were being made. By last month, a once-exploding industry was contracting violently.

    pbs frontline gods of gambling

    The Macau gaming bubble had begun to burst. Frontline is not going to show this, unfortunately.

    pbs frontline gods of gambling

    Even more curious now Be careful where you dig with the junkets frontline. It may take you to some politically sensitive places.


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      Anti-Gambling Sunday is September To download a free bulletin insert go here. A dear pastor friend of mine who, like me, finds himself of necessity involved in trying to keep casino gambling out of Kentucky asked me to share some biblical reasons why I believe gambling is wrong.

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      Given that the separation has been prompted by the cancellation of a documentary on the gambling industry, the odds are probably less than 50 to 1. Meanwhile, a once-devoted partnership is—like many divorces—devolving into recriminations, anger and injured feelings.

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