Best computer to play sims 3

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best computer to play sims 3

So, I'm 17 and I've been working my ass off at a nursery in order to get approximately dollars. It doesn't have to be lag free I just want to be able to play it on high settings if pkay. Even though I prefer I laptop, it doesn't have to be. But I'd really prefer it. I'd also like to so other things on this computer. Can anyone help me?
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  • I have been told it has a lot memory and is good for gaming, so thinking it's got quite a large capacity of storage for me to do work on it as well as play Sims.

    We will be able to check the laptop when you post the computer specs. sis

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    Memory ram and hard drive space is only part of it. The video card and processor count too on meeting requirements to run this game. Bettyboop55 Posts: 2, Member. Having lost two laptops to overheating, I would check the make and model number on the Internet for reviews.

    I am ready to buy a new PC and I need a good one, but I am lost. Biggest concerns are playing the Sims and working with multiple graphic programs like CS4 and POser/Daz 3D. I am not a hardcore gamer, but I would like to be able to play the Sims 3 smoothly. I don't know if they are even good for playing The Sims 3. I will post here the tech specs of both computers: Dell: Processor-4th Generation Intel® Core™ is processor (6M Cache, up to GHz) Operating System-Windows (64Bit) English Support-1 Year Enhanced Support Office Productivity Software Microsoft® Office Trial Security Software-. Some body please help me and answer really simply as I'm not a computer person at all. I got a new laptop 6months ago from toshiba and it won't play sims 3, .

    The Sims 3 is a game to be pay played for hours, and laptops even in our lousy UK climate can run hot. The reviews might give you a steer as to how the laptop cooling system behaves, computer at least you can consider a cooling mat if needed. These are readily available from the online store you mentioned in your OP. However first you need to establish if the specs are good enough to do all the things you want and this is definitely the place to find this out.

    I no longer use Origin or My Page. You can find me on YouTube or Twitter as Bettyboop You are welcome to contact me as I explore options for a PC sandbox life sims game. Wherever I am friends call me Betty Sim enim est vita. July Hi, not sure plxy anyone is still going to comment on this. I have been playing sims since sims best came out, so Ppay know a LOT about the game, but I know very little about computers.

    I've been trying to play sims 3 by far my favorite sims about 4 years on my Hest Pro, and it is successfulish. The laptop immediately overheats the fan is so loud, and I have to put something between the laptop and play legs so i don't get burntand the game ti A LOT, especially if I play in one sitting without closing and reopening the game every best hours or so i save every like 5 minutes like a maniac.

    So, clearly I have the wrong computer for this. And I LOVE the sims and am willing to spend a lot of money for the right computer to get a good gaming experience. Karritz Posts: 19, Member. Computer edited July Unless portability and money is a definite issue, you're not going to have a good experience with playing TS3 on a "budget laptop" like the one that you have.

    I personally besh not had issues Given the choice between a "budget laptop" and playing TS3 on a proper play plag I'd take the latter. To rogey ; if you have the cash play to purchase a proper gaming system, then it would be highly suggested to buy a gaming system per chesterbigbird 's suggestion for parts. Sims a matter of fact, take a look at the signature on her post SilentMichael Posts: Member.

    About computer laptop? Like I said, pretty much any computer, as long as you don't go dirt bottom of the barrel cheap, will run the game. You just have to ask yourself ssims WELL you want it to run.

    Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps ply quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

    Buying a Computer For The Sims 4 and The Sims 3

    Search instead for. Do you mean. Search Results:. What is the best PC to play Sims 3? I am ready to buy a new PC and I need a good one, but I am lost. Message 1 of 5 5, Views.

    Computsr Version of Windows? It is increasingly difficult to find new systems with Windows 7 or Windows 8 pre-installed, and some of the newest processors won't even recognize any version other than Windows As we've said before, there are programs that make Windows 10 look and act more like Windows 7.

    Best Laptop/PC to play Sims 3 with ALL Expansions? (More Info in Text Box) : thesims

    With the strength of most computers on the market these days, there's very little performance impact running some of these programs as there was even a couple of years ago.

    My computer is a Mac.

    best computer to play sims 3

    What do I need? While we're not as familiar with the Mac ecosystem, the games do run on Apple systems. The specifications are about the same as they are for Windows. Dedicated graphics cards are available for some Mac domputer but are not commonly included in iMac or MacBook models. This should run either game with little trouble some adjustments may be necessary. My game runs slow and I have a powerful computer.

    Please see the recommendations above and make sure your system meets at least the those requirements. If you don't see an answer to your issue, feel free to post in the Technical Help sections or PM us and we'll help you out the best we can.

    Re: HELP! What is the best PC to play Sims 3?

    Continued in the next post. Check out Flynn's Fineries for houses, Sims and helpful articles. Read and heed the Forum Rulesplease! While we've written this section to appeal more towards people wanting to build their own systems, people just wanting to buy an "off the shelf" system from Dell or HP for example can learn more about their systems and what to look play. Processor: When you're looking at the specifications of best potential computer, look for a system with about a 2.

    Processors to avoid are Pentium, Celeron and Xeon ppay on the Intel side computer Pentium and Celeron branded processors are typically very low-voltage and low speed single-core and dual-core processors unsuitable for gaming in general.

    Xeon processors are server-grade processors and - sims very powerful - generally lack the multimedia extensions needed for gaming.

    Solved: HELP! What is the best PC to play Sims 3? - Best Buy Support

    We would recommend chips from the Core i5 and Core i7 family. As with the Intel chips, look for a clock speed of about 2. Avoid the FX processor, however, as it is not a good processor for games.

    What's the best laptop to play Sims 3 on? — The Sims Forums

    play For more information on processors, look at sites such as Tom's Hardware for computer and other information. GDDR5 memory is the fastest memory available for graphics cards at this time and helps games perform smoothly. Other types sims memory include DDR3, but these types of memory perform slower.

    Just about best Windows system - and every Mac system - is sold with the bit version of their operating system installed. The more the better, but 8 GB should give you solid performance in the games.

    Power Supply: Having an inadequate or cheaply built power supply can drag system performance down and physically damage your computer. There are a number of sites online that can help you calculate how many watts your system needs at minimum to perform well - such as the Cooler Master Power Supply Calculator.

    best computer to play sims 3

    Then get a power supply that provides at least that much and - watts above. Lpay A decent sized Solid State drive SSD for the system with a high-capacity traditional hard drive for software and data storage is the recommended setup.

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      I am not a hardcore gamer, but I would like to be able to play the Sims 3 smoothly. Here are the requirements for the SIMS 3 but i would like slightly above that but don't need to get crazy lol.

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